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GE Hastabaşı Monitör
GE / Dash 4000

Dash 4000 Patient Monitor provides unmatched adaptability at the bedside.

By combining modularity and portability, Dash 4000 takes the flexible bed concept to a new level . . . allowing clinicians to bring the ICU to any patient or easily adapt to specific department needs.

Modular flexibility

  • Affordably add capabilities with plug-and-play convenience
  • Smart Anesthesia Multi-Gas (SAM®) module provides breath-by-breath analysis of respiratory and anesthetic gases
  • SAM instantaneously identifies and quantifies agents, alone or in a mixture

Revolutionary chest pain care

  • First monitor to incorporate ACI-TIPI (Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Insensitive Predictive Instrument)
  • Automatically calculates a patient's probability of Acute Coronary Ischemia from 0 to 100%
  • Shown to reduce the number of unnecessary admits to the CCU, while helping to confirm appropriate admissions
  • Use retrospectively or for real-time clinical decision support
  • Predictive reliability dependent on 12-lead quality; our 12SL® remains the industry's most thorough 12-lead analysis for sensitivity and specificity

Gold standard NIBP accuracy

  • Full-featured monitor with DINAMAP® technology built-in
  • System consistently produces the most accurate, reliable NIBP determinations available in a bedside monitor
  • Stepped deflation with patented peak matching technology helps ride through artifact
  • Ideally suited for NICU, PICU and adult hypertensive patients

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