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GE Hastabaşı Monitör
GE Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Modular Critical Care Monitor

Meeting the critical care challenge

Critical Care Monitor is a truly modular multiparameter monitor that offers a flexible solution for the varying needs of critical care. The intuitive user interface, designed to be easy to learn and use, provides the monitoring information you need to gain a full understanding of your patients. To further improve the flexibility and ergonomics of patient care and to let you optimize the bedside set-up to help meet your needs, Critical Care Monitor provides a variety of parameter module options, module frame options as well as different display and mounting solutions together with remote control and extension frame.

Critical Care Monitor is the solution, when you wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of your patient’s condition. In addition to comprehensive hemodynamic monitoring and cardiac monitoring with up to 12-lead ST and arrhythmia analysis, Critical Care Monitor integrates the unique capabilities of patient spirometry, continuous gas exchange and metabolics measurements, unique tonometry measurement and monitoring the level of neuromuscular block. For neurological patients, the 4-channel EEG measurement with AEP analysis completes the picture.

Critical Care Monitor is also not just monitoring, but instead, it can be connected to the Network and iCentral central monitoring solution to make monitoring information available throughout the hospital. The remote monitoring possibilities with different remote wievers like WebViewer, Pocker Viewer and Cellular Viewer also help the clinician to capture and share vital monitoring information whenever and wherever they need it.

Key benefits

  • Helps you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your patient’s condition by offering you a wide range of different parameter modules
  • Helps to detect responses to treatment through its wide parameter range
  • Facilitates prompt decision-making through the intuitive and informative user-interface
  • Tailor the system to your patient’s needs by using the wide selection of different parameter modules, module frame options and display options
  • Provides unique capabilities of patient spirometry, continuous gas exchange and metabolics measurements, brain function measurement through 4-channel EEG measurement, unique tonometry measurement and neuromuscular transmission measurement
  • Intelligent tools for monitoring cardiac function and tracking ischemic changes

Critical Care Monitor Display options

Critical Care Monitor is offered in three display options for maximum flexibility and optimum viewing. Each high-resolution display shows up to 8 selectable waveforms in user-configurable colors. Displays can be configured as 2nd and 3rd screens with different waveform and numeric information. 15” and 17” display options are medical-grade and designed to meet UL.


15" Flat Panel LCD Display with XGA resolution and removable ComBar and ComWheel

17" Flat Panel LCD Display with XGA resolution

The 17" Flat Panel Screen uses an external ComBar with ComWheel and it can be used as the main display or as a secondary display. The 17” display can be either desk, ceiling or wall-mounted.

19" Flat Panel LCD Display with XGA resolution

The 19" Flat Panel Screen is used with an external ComBar with ComWheel. The display is non-medical grade, meaning that the display needs to be mounted at least 180 cm / 71 in high, either with wall or ceiling mount or on a table. This display is typically used as a secondary display.


Command Board Options

The S/5 ComBar is designed for critical care applications and allows for intuitive access to the monitoring functions. The removable ComBar also adds the flexibility of the workplace by bringing monitor controls closer to the user. The ComBar is available with 15", 17” and 19” LCD displays.


The Remote Controller, K-REMCO

Smaller size with the same functionality as ComBar, RemCo can also be used for bringing monitor controls closer to the user and therefore adding the user possibilities to design their workplace they way they want it.

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