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BIS Module, E-BIS

Bispectral Index, BIS, monitoring. For monitoring the state of the brain with the BIS XP technology

The BIS Module uses the BIS expanded performance, XP, technology from Aspect Medical Systems, Inc. to measure the effects of anesthetics and sedatives on the brain. BIS has proven to improve the quality of anesthesia management by providing the clinician a means to assess the patient´s level of consciousness.

E-BIS offers the benefits of the XP technology resulting in improved performance both in operating room and intensive care unit through better EMG detection and resistance during electrocautery as well as improved detection of near suppression in deep anesthetic EEG. To obtain optimal measurement results it is essential to use the new four electrode Quatro sensor incorporated into the BIS XP system. In addition to the Quatro, Paediatric sensors can also be used with the BIS module.

Adding the BIS information on Anesthesia Monitor multiparameter screen offers the possibility to use it in combination with other parameters such as hemodynamics and NMT to obtain a more complete picture on adequacy of anesthesia. The BIS Module can also be used with the Datex-Ohmeda Critical Care Monitors for assessment of sedation in critical care.


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