18 Haziran 2018 Pazartesi
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Tonometry Module, E-TONO

For measuring the adequacy of gastrointestinal perfusion

The Tonometry Module provides automated and reliable measurement of gastric PCO2. The Tonometry Module can be used with the Anesthesia Monitor, Compact Anesthesia Monitor, Critical Care Monitor and Compact Critical Care Monitor and shares the easy-to-use Datex-Ohmeda interface.

The Datex-Ohmeda Anesthesia and Critical Care monitors have a digital display for PgCO2 combined with either P(g-a)CO2, P(g-Et)CO2 or pHi. The Tonometry Module has direct keys to start tonometry monitoring and enter laboratory data. There is also a special display view for tonometry calculations. The monitors provide continuous trending of PgCO2 and P(g-Et)CO2.

In addition to comprehensive hemodynamic and cardiac monitoring, Datex-Ohmeda modular monitors can help provide a complete picture of the patient’s oxygenation by integrating gastric tonometry, patient spirometry, continuous gas exchange/metabolics and neuromuscular transmission.
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