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Patient Side Module E-PSM, E-PSMP

Multiparameter hemodynamic module with simultaneous measurement of 3, 7 or 12 lead ECG with ST segment analysis, respiration, pulse oximetry, 2 temperatures, non-invasive blood pressure and optional 2 invasive blood pressures (in E-PSMP).

ECG features

  • Continuous 3, 7 and 12 lead ECG with 3, 5 or 10 lead-wires and with ST segment analysis
  • Manual storage of up to 6 reference QRS complexes
  • Compatible with GE Multi Link accessories
  • Lethal arrhythmia analysis is standard with extended arrhythmia recognition as a software option
  • Excellent signal quality due to advanced electrical interference filtering

SpO2 Features

  • Ensures accurate readings even with moving and restless patients
  • The scale of plethysmographic waveform can be fixed or set to autoscale according to the user selection
  • Large variety of SpO2 sensors for various applications

Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) features

  • Direct keys on the module for starting or stopping a sin-gle measurement, or initiating or stopping a NIBP cycle
  • Venous stasis for easy cannulation
  • Visual indicator for elapsed time from previous measure-ment

Respiration rate features

  • Adjustable trigger level with breath indicator
  • Specific slow waveform speed to see different respiratory patterns

Invasive blood pressure features

  • Selectable labes for invasive blood pressures
  • Waveforms displayed with combined or individual scales
  • A dedicated wedge pressure (PCWP) measurement display view
  • Adjustable cursor to detect changes in the invasive pressure waveform


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